Have you been thinking about changing the landscape in your backyard? There is no time like the present to get started on a backyard building project to transform your backyard into the retreat you have always dreamed of.  Remember, backyard landscape design need not be backbreaking work or expensive. You can get a ton of ideas for private, multipurpose and low maintenance backyard landscape design at your local home improvement stores like Lowes or the The Home Depot, at the library or right here online. Keep in mind though that this is your backyard paradise that you are building so why not take a little time to visualize exactly what you want to see when you walk out your back door and then you can make a sketch and get started.

Every yard is unique and you will want to take into account all the activities you have in mind for your backyard paradise. Do you prefer your backyard to be totally private from your neighbors or do you like a more open design?  You can even have a combination of the two if you wish. Depending on the size of your yard you may want to build a gazebo or add lattices with vines or climbing roses on trellises. You could put in a private garden lush with greenery. Many people love the tranquility that a pond with a soft waterfall adds to the surrounding area.  A flower garden filled with colorful and frangrant blossoms can be a wonderful and relaxing place to sit and ponder the questions of life. The backyard can be a sanctuary for birds and other life by incorporating butterfly gardens and rock gardens into your backyard landscape design. It is also possible to address safety and privacy issues with a well thought out landscape design that does not include traditional fencing.

Think of your backyard as a canvas and you are the painter. Just as a painter has a picture in his mind’s eye when he begins his work, so likewise will you. You don’t have to be a master artist or a professional landscaper to produce the results you are looking for, just use your creativity and imagination. YOu can find some awesome tips at the Home and Garden TV site, www.hgtv.com and you might also take a look at the backyard landscape designs and suggestions at www.buzzle.com. The styles and variety offered today in backyard patio furniture will be the perfect compliment to your new backyard landscape design.

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