backyard buildingSpring has sprung and Summer is fast approaching.  You’ve thought about it for months, possibly even years, but somehow those backyard building projects just keep getting pushed further back and delayed by other “more important” things.  You know quite clearly that you need to do something.  You have thought about it and even made plans with the best of intentions, yet despite your intentions, your backyard still looks the same as it did last year at this time.  Your children are getting older which means they will have less time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Heck, for that matter, you are getting older too and we won’t even go into what that means!

For the do it yourselfer, the possibilities for your backyard paradise are limited only by your imagination, and uh… maybe by your pocketbook.  The good news is that many backyard building projects are within financial reach when you are willing and able to do much or all of the work yourself.  And with easy to follow plans and blueprints that are readily available today, most people have the ability to transform their boring and uninviting backyard into whatever their heart desires.

For families with children, the backyard can be a treasure chest of adventure that will be cherished in memories long after their childhood years have passed.  Whether it be a tree house, a doll house, a fort or a jungle gym that you are planning to construct, you will be the hero in your child’s eyes when they see what you built just for them.  Speaking of children, family time is enriched when everyone sits down around a picnic table that you built to enjoy eating together in the great outdoors.

Backyard Building – Plans, Plans And More Plans!

For those without children, perhaps your tastes lean more toward landscaping and gardening.  Envision your own Garden of Eden, lush with green plants, fresh flowers alive with every shade on the color palette, arbors and trellises full of life, a quaint gazebo and maybe a softly lit pond accentuated by a gentle waterfall.  You become the artist, free to paint your imagination to the tiniest detail.

There are many backyard building ideas just waiting for you to tackle.  Does your four legged friend need a dog house?  Is your garage so full of lawn equipment and tools that you no longer have room for your vehicles?  Perhaps a backyard storage shed is what is needed.  Looking for a little extra living area where you can enjoy the outdoors?  Why not consider building a deck or adding on a patio.  There are some great deck building videos by Lowes that I have posted below for your convenience.  Feeling a little intruded upon by your neighbors?  A privacy fence may be just what the doctor ordered.  Once again, the possibilities are endless.

One resource I highly recommend that you look at is Ted’s Woodworking Plans.  This is a massive woodworking package which contains over 16,000 plans and projects for you to work on.  This package was put together by a man named Ted McGrath.  Ted is a professional woodworker and instructor so you can rest assured you are getting quality stuff here.

Now, you may be thinking…16,000….that’s overkill!  I will never get through all of that; and you may be right.  But there are two ways of looking at it.  With so much to choose from you certainly will be able to find plans for any and every project you want to undertake.  And these are detailed, well laid out and easy to follow plans that anyone can use, whether you are a novice just starting out or a skilled craftsman with many years experience.

Just take a look at some of the many categories Ted has organized his plans into and see if you might find a project or two that would peak your interest:

Arbor Plans
Barn Plans
Bat House Plans
Bed Plans
Bedroom Plans
Bee Hive Plans
Bench Plans
Billiard Table Plans
Bird Feeder Plans
Birdhouse Plans
Boat Plans
Book Case Plans
Box Plans
Bridge Plans
Bucket Plans
Cabin Plans
Cabinet Plans
Camping Plans
Candle Plans
Carport Plans
Cart Plans
Cat House Plans
CD&DVD Holder Plans
Cellar Plans
Chair Plans
DIY Projects
Chest Plans
Chicken House Plans
Children Room Projects
Clock Plans
Coaster Plans
Coffee Table Plans
Cold Frame Plans
Compost Bin Plans
Computer Desk Plans
Containers Plans
Cradle Plans
Craft Plans
Cutting Board Plans
Deck Plans
Desk Plans
Dog House Plans
Door Plans
Dresser Plans
Drill Press Plans
Easel Plans
Entertainment Projects
Farmshop Plans
Fence Plans
File Cabinet Plans
Fireplaces & Mantel Surrounds
Plans For Kids
Garage Plans
For The Garden
Gazebo Plans
Greenhouse Plans
Guitar Plans
Gun Cabinets
Hammock Plans
Home Office Projects
Horse Barns
Humidor Plans
Hutch Plans
Jig Plans
Kitchen Projects
Knife Block Plans
Lamp Plans
Landscaping Plans
Lathe Plans
Mailbox Plans
Mantel Plans
Media Center Plans
Mirror Plans
Ottoman Plans
Outdoors Projects
Pergola Plans
Planter Plans
Playhouse Plans
Rabbit House Plans
Rack Plans
Router Plans
Screen Plans
Scroll Saw Plans
Shed Plans
Shelf Plans
Sports Related Plans
Squirrel Den Box Plans
Stand Plans
Stool Plans
Storage Plans
Swing Plans
Table Plans
Tool Box Plans
Plans for Wooden Toys
Tray Plans
Trellis Plans
Utility Building Plans
Wagon Plans
Weather Station Plans
Wind Generator Plans
Windmill Plans
“Wishing Well” Plans

As I said, there is a lot to choose from.  Now, one bad thing about this package is the fact that it is huge so if you are on a computer with a dial-up or slow connection, it could take a couple of hours to download everything to your computer.  However, you do have an option of upgrading to dvds which Ted will send to you in the mail.  There are a lot of woodworking packages and shed plan downloads out there on the internet, but Ted’s Woodworking Plans is the only one that I recommend.  You will even get access to 150 videos that will give you valuable tips and pointers that will help you immensely in your woodworking ventures.

No need to make this a solo project either, unless you just want to.  Backyard building plans can include your spouse and children and can be a great way to strengthen family ties and bonds.  If you do need a little extra help, I bet you have at least one good friend or neighbor that would happily give you a hand.  Many projects can be completed over the course of a weekend and the results will not only add value to your home, but to your life as well, for you will be able to reap the rewards for years to come.  There may never be a better time to start so get started today!

Teds Woodworking Plans

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